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Gourmet Christmas

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New Hardline!

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Tri-Connect, Inc. has proudly been in business for over 25 years. We are a direct importer of the finest of products, exclusive to the Gift and Specialty Food industry. We are a small but mighty team and our goal is to offer you the best customer service.

Enjoy our Biscuits...Cookies the King Eats!
Farmhouse English Biscuits, Ltd. has been traditionally baking for over 60 years in a small village in Northern England. We proudly supply many upscale retailers over the pond (Including the Royal Collection for Buckingham Palace) and specialize in small Independent retailers here in the USA!  Remember, if we are good enough for the King, we hope we're good enough for your fine customers too!

Delight in #SPARKLE!

Our Sparkle range of Belgium chocolate masterpieces are the perfect gift for those who deserve the very best.  Sparkling with gold and silver, red and white and Xmas brights, these gourmet chocolates were designed to please all color palettes!  We continue to offer great style and shine into Christmas.

Making Spirits Bright with our NEW Christmas Baubles!

We have crossed over to decorating for Home too.

Introducing our new line of Gift Ornaments designed for the Celebratory occasion.  Or to just decorate your favorite tree.  From champagne glasses, liquor bottles, wine favorites and more, our Christmas Ornaments are all glass blown with hand-glitter trim.

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-Linda and Joe

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All NEW   for Christmas!


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June 21 - 24
Lux Gift Temps
Atrium Floor 1
Booth 814
July 12 - 16
Building 2
Floor 1 - HIGH DESIGN,
Booth 406
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